Melbourne Stall Prices

NoType of Stand/StallDescriptionPrice
1Business Own Small Marquee 3mx3mBusiness (Your Own Marquee 3mx3m)$500
2Business Own Large Marquee 6mx3mBusiness (Your Own Marquee 6mx3m)$800
3Business Stall with 3mx3m Marquee3mx3m Marquee Provided$800
4Business Stall with 6mx3m Marquee6mx3m Marquee Provided$1200
5Clothing2 Trestle Tables (180cmx75cm) & 2 chairs$350
6Jewellery, Bangles & Cosmetics2 Trestle Tables (180cmx75cm) & 2 chairs$300
7Merchandise2 Trestle Tables (180cmx75cm) & 2 chairs$300
8Children Toys2 Trestle Tables (180cmx75cm) & 2 chairs$300
9Food Stall Large (Your Own 6mx3m Marquee)6mx3m Own Marquee Stall$800
10Food Stall Small (Your Own 3mx3m Marquee)3mx3m Own Marquee Stall$500
11Food Stall with Small 3mx3m Marquee3mx3m Food Marquee Provided$800
12Food Stall with Large 6mx3m Marquee6mx3m Food Marquee Provided$1200
13Food Van Small (3mx3m) 3mx3m VAN$500
14Food Van Large (6mx3m) Upto 6mx3m VAN $800
15Henna Painting1 Trestle Tables (180cmx75cm) & 2 chairs$150
16Face Painting1 Trestle Tables (180cmx75cm) & 2 chairs$150
17Showbags – Marquee – VANN/A$600
18Charity/Welfare Promotion (Tables)2 Trestle Tables (180cmx75cm) & 2 chairs$300